Hi from OK

I write non-fiction, poetry, and fiction. I’ve had the best success so far getting the non-fiction published. I published a couple of poems, too. Getting my fiction published now tops my list of writing goals outside of work. (Writing is my main career.)


Welcome, Carlielawson!

How long have you been writing (as a career)? :smiley:

I only turned my hobby into a career last year :smiley: but it’s going quite well. At least better than I expected it would :slight_smile:

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Hi Adarkwood,
I launched my career in 1991 as a newspaper journalist. Now, I own a creatives firm and write young adult non-fiction. I have a drawer full of poetry and fiction though that I want to publish. I thought this place sounded cool for that. What type of writing to you do?

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Hey Carlie :slight_smile:
That’s an amazing career already! Wow! I wish I’d have followed the calling for arts earlier in my life, but :person_shrugging: :smiley:

Poetry is rare here on Tales, but I can imagine publishing them here as a poetry book :thinking: might just be a bit harder to monetize :thinking:

Uhm I like writing interactive game-like stories :smiley: Happy to say I can do this here on Tales! I like fantasy and Sci-fi the most - adventure stories are always great for game writing :smiley:

(However, I get mostly paid by other apps to write simple steamy romance stories :smiley: though another one also pays me for translating their stories into German (my native tongue).)

I haven’t been on this in months. The interactive fiction sounds interesting. I’ve never tried my hand at that.

I write gobs of non-fiction, but I joined here hoping it would jumpstart me writing fiction again.

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Welcome :hugs::sparkling_heart: