High School Secret (D.K.KNIGHT1)

Coming from a conservative family, Alex always knew he was different. Often, he didn’t even feel comfortable in his own skin and as he begins his journey into high school, those feelings of being different increase even more. His desire to explore these feelings land him into being shunned, bullied, and outcast as he discovers his true self in a hateful and cruel tormented environment. Soon after the problems in his life started, he meets Matt and an unlikely relationship blossoms, painting a target on both their backs. Will their relationship survive or will the pressure of expectations and demands of society tear their relationship apart?

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- Chapter 1: Chapter1: A child’s secret
- Chapter 2: Chapter 2: New Home
- Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Morning After
- Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Horror in the Garbage
- Chapter 5: Chapter 5: The Wrath of Winters
- Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Secrets and Horrors
- Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Fighting Back
- Chapter 8: Chapter 8: The truth and Rejection
- Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Heartless Revenge
- Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Dead Rose Garden