Horror Shorts Vol. 1: Let Me In (Eyes-Unblinded)

Flash Fiction Horrors, Mysteries, and Weird Tales by Monos Alba.

  1. Let Me In: Messages in fog appear in the windows of the hotel.
  2. Weeding Job: A short tale about your first week as a weeder.
  3. The Devil Likes Your Arms: Slender but sturdy arms are his favourite!
  4. SCRATCH: It scrapes and shrieks, but you escaped it… right?
  5. There’s A God Up in the Mountains: We lost everything, but God may still except us!

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    - Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Let Me In
    - Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Weeding Job
    - Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Devil Likes your Arms
    - Chapter 4: Chapter 4: SCRATCH!