How to Change Email Address for Account


I’m new to the Tales community so maybe this is not the right place to ask but I don’t know a better place. I would like to change the email address of my account so that emails would be sent to this other email address instead. How can I change the email address of my account? Is it possible?

Hey @karathekook_writes

maybe this helps:

When you click on your forum profile and go to the people icon and click on Preferences

There’s this field saying add alternate email (however, I’m not sure if you can set the alternate one to be your primary one :thinking:

If that’s not working, try asking for a change of your email address over

state there your current email address, into which you want it to be changed etc :slight_smile:

(though if you don’t have any stories up yet, you could also “just” create a new account with the new email :smiley: )

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Okay, I got it. Thank you

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