How To Get Out Of the Friend Zone (reereewill)

What do you do when you love someone so much…
But they don’t love you back?
Journee Andrews has her entire life together.
Awesome job. Swanky apartment. Good friends.
The only thing missing is the love of her life.
Evan Cross.
He’s only been everything she’s ever wanted in a guy since they met in middle school.
Trouble is…
Evan sees her as a friend.
And that’s it.
And, he’s proposed to his “flavor of the month” girlfriend.
Now Journee only has a little time left to convince Evan she’s the one.
While her best friend, Bethany, hooks her up with some professional help from a bestselling author who’s “trained” to handle these types of situations, Journee is assigned to a collaborative project at work.
Unfortunately for her, her new work partner, Kole, is a huge jerk.
But, with some clever schemes, he might be just what she needs to help her get out of the friend zone and into Evan’s arms.

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