Hyperion: tower of the winds (kevanmanwaring)

The winds of the world have gone awry. You are a Windsmith - a maestre of the air. You must travel to the Tower of the Winds where the reigning Hyperion controls the weather. Are they now an Agent of Discord or Harmony – working for the destruction or the flourishing of the universe? And what destiny awaits you?

Based upon the rich storyworld of The Windsmith Elegy fantasy series by Kevan Manwaring (published by Awen), Hyperion: tower of the winds allows you to plunge into the adventure, customise your player-character, and to make choices that will effect the fate of Windworld!

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/1e9PBqkE1kb



Im hooked so good have you wrote any other choice book games on here


Hi Carey, that’s great to hear. Nothing else at the mo, though I have a few ideas.
If you like the world of the Windsmith, so my print Fantasy series, The Windsmith Elegy:

all the best,

good so far

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