I don't think I did it right

Hi all!

So I’m brand spanking new to this whole thing and I submitted my first story…only to find all these neat things I can do with the story after the fact! I tried editing it, but I keep getting this error message that the story “There is an issue from parsing story script” and I don’t know why or what I’m doing wrong.

I’d be totally down with taking the story down and starting over, but if anyone else has dealt with this, I’d love a solution.

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It might have to do with your account connection on the staff’s side. We’ve had others who’s had trouble too. Easiest thing to do, and quickest, is to go to the discord community since it’s faster to get help with this.

Will do. Thank you!

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Forgot to mention. Since you have a story on the app, picks Tales wordsmith in the roles channel to open up the creator bug channel to post this bug of yours.

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Newbie here, I also same sentiments since I am using their website? version rather than the app itself. I was not able to delete/edit/re-arrange each chapter in my account so I had to sent them an email to delete the entire story ASAP. Is there a manual/easier guide on how to use this app?