I have questions about becoming a Writer here

Hello, everyone,
I already heard about Tales some time ago (year or two maybe), now I decided to check here again.
And as I can see, I have an access to engine\editor right away.

So, what I want to ask, and what I didn’t find among policies, FAQ and the rest:

  1. So, can I really start making a story game just like that? Is there some kind of pre-moderation or review? Do all stories made by local authors get published just like that?

I mean, if everyone can get published, it would surely impact the overall quality.

  1. If I decide to start making a story game, do I have any limitations of time? Do I have a limited time to complete the story, once I started? Or I can write it as long as I want as draft and only mark it ready for publishing when I feel ready?

  2. Again, if I mark the game as ready, will I get, at the very least, a check of a professional editor for mistakes?

  3. Are Tales already on market, and actually earn something? Yes, I know I can’t ask about actual profits, but is the app released yet? And all stories submitted here are available for players (that aren’t Writers themselves)?

  4. Do the Tales creators provide images and other assets for free, or as a Writer I must pay for them?

  5. Are stories made by Writers get any kind of promotion\advertisement?

Thank you in advance!

  1. Theoretically, everyone can publish, but not all stories will be visible to the reader on the App. The team reassured us mods that they do some quality control - however, no official post has been made about that, so I can’t tell you details about how it is done :wink: I hope they’ll make a public announcement about that someday in the next few months :thinking:

  2. You can publish whenever you want. That is totally up to you when you feel ready to publish. It’s your independent work. Only freelancers and sponsored stories get deadlines for publishing.

  3. No check from professional editors - you’d have to pay them… Tales already offers you a free publishing platform with full access to their assets and a chance to earn money. However, if your story does well, you might get offered a sponsorship for the story - under tutorials at the bottom part, you can find out about writing for Tales.

  4. iOS has been out for a while, and Android is in open beta. Theoretically, they are out but currently still lacking readership. Advertisements are planned, but it looks like they’re still remodeling a few parts of their app and the creator system. So don’t expect big checks right away :wink: Regarding profits, you can find info within the Terms of Service.
    You can share your story over social media with a link to the story, yes. But not all stories might be visible on the app unless searched for :thinking: see 1.

  5. Yes, the assets are free to use. However, they will still belong to Tales, and you can’t take them with you to a different platform :slight_smile: however, the story stays your IP as stated in the Terms of Service (but again, unless you sell it to Tales).

  6. Only stories that do really well (that’s part of 1. - no details have been made public yet), sponsored and freelance stories, get promotion and advertisement. Otherwise, it’s a self-publishing platform. Advertisement is, therefore, like with every other self-publishing platform, your own “job” :confused: (which is annoying sigh at least for me :smiley: )

Many thanks for a fast and thorough answer!
I do consider making a story here, and since Tales are still on very early pre-release state, I have enough time to decide and\or make a story.

Good luck with your own projects!

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