I was just play

I was just play.

I am a child like any child who wants to play and have fun and enjoy his time. 

With 16:30 after noon, I went outside to play and run and have fun with friends. Hours and minutes passed and this child was still playing. It was time to go home. When I reached  In the yard of the house, there was a small room for the livestock (goats, sheep, etc.), so I said to myself, “Come in and take a light look.” I went to the livestock room, and I saw the door leaning on the wall, and between it and the wall there was a void, so they sat between the wall and the door, so I waited.  In silence I contemplate, suddenly it became dark and I did not move, my family noticed my absence, my sister came out to call me, she called me but I did not respond, I could hear her but like a child’s mind turned this event into a game, so she kept calling me at the top of her voice while I was as if I could not hear anything, so anxiety increased in me  My family and they all went out to search for me, and the news spread among the neighbors (for your information, it was almost late, it was 22:00 at night) and they went out looking for me and calling, the problem is that I can hear them well, but I did not say a word. Someone was saying to me: Munir, hide well so that they do not find you. 

Suddenly, my sister stood in front of the place where I was hiding. Instead of calling her, I began to imitate the dog’s voice, and my sister says in a sad voice (as she thinks It’s a dog) Shut up, we don’t miss your barking, and the family is searching, and the neighbors too, and everyone is looking for Mounir. Suddenly, my sister screamed, calling out to my family: He’s here, and he appeared.

They ask me why I hid between the door and the wall? Were you afraid of something? Answer Munir, come on, you scared us a lot, amidst all these questions and the fear of my family for me, but I do not answer any questions about what happened, I just said I was playing.