In the Heat of the Dungeon (SamanthaCayto)

The hardest part of being a sub is giving your heart and body to the right Dom.

Master Ford is a consummate Dom, always focused on giving a sub the most important gift of all—safety. When a friend leaves a sub in a dangerous situation, it is up to Ford to both rescue and care for the boy. What starts as duty swiftly turns to personal desire.

Cody is new to the lifestyle, trusting and in need of protection and control. When his Master puts him in danger, he can only hope that the Dom sent to save him is worthy of it.

Ford has rules, and one of them is no poaching on another Dom’s sub. But Cody is different. This boy needs to learn what it really means to put oneself under another’s control. Teaching him that valuable lesson, while bringing them both indescribable pleasure, becomes a temptation he cannot resist.

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