Inside: Backwater (Tales)

It’s been years since your sister joined the cult. You thought you’d never see her again… until now. Can you keep your cover long enough to save her…and yourself!?

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Anyone else have Tales stories where the MC has the same name as you? :joy: At least I love this story - that makes it a LITTLE less weird.

How did y’all fare in Ep 1? Some pretty intense stuff right off the bat. I’m curious how you handled Dawn bringing up Val at your wedding. I was definitely kind of flippant about it, which made me feel bad later :grimacing:

Ive got confused when the patient stood up and said that wirds when i did absolutely nothing to deserve that type of praise. Weird. If not for the meta clues im not sure id be linking the facts 5 years later.

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I love this one. I’m a true crime “fan” (i hate that term because i dont love the crime, but the cases and psychology are intriguing) so this is right up my alley.

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Oooh, nice catch. I’ll have to check it out, maybe there’s something weird happening in the script.

Hahaha, yeah I totally hear what you’re saying.

Are there any real life cult stories or similar stories that this reminds you of? :thinking:

This one of my favorites! I’m on the edge worried I’ll be figured out.

This one is so i

Loving this!

The stories keep getting better and better!

love the story. though my mc is always shown in wedding gown and jesse’s wifes always as shadows. must be a bug?

Just completed the first cha

Chapter. Really intriguing!

I can’t wait to read more!

Love this!

So suspenseful

Why did dawn have to die??

So glad I finally found this story again. Excited to finish it!