Introducing myself after 1 year on Tales

Hello :blush:

I’m a freelance writer for Tales. You can call me Alex for short, but I go by IvanovaA007. I like my Martini filthy and shaken, not stirred.

What projects do I work on?

A Pirate’s Odyssey


The Last Andorian

Fantasy, Adventure and Sci-fi are the genres that speak to me most, but I also live for romance and drama. Writing’s been my medium for escape, healing, and confidence over the years. I write the stories I wish I had growing up and approach all my characters with compassion (except Admiral Dougal – he’s rotten to the core). Despite having a difficult start to working freelance with Tales, the newest updates have got me enjoying the scripting process more.

I’m encouraged by the improvements to the Tales app and Creator, and want my stories to inspire or at least garner returning readers eventually, which is any writer’s dream.


Well done! I like The Last Andorian and I have to make time to start reading it again. I also have submitted a pitch to become a freelance writer for Tales and am hoping to hear from them one way or the other.
Keep up the good work and I promise to read your stories. Besides, your name is also my favorite character from Babylon 5.
Be well.

Hello @CB_Arnold,

Thanks for the reply. I love that you’ve submitted a pitch. From what I recall, you’re writing has many strengths; the detail and world building are my favourite. Good luck to you! :heart_hands:

Susan Ivanova’s a strong female character, so it’s cool we share the same last name. She said it best herself: “I am the right hand of vengeance and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart!”