...is brutal. (PaddyPatrick)

A lofty love story, skewered by deviant psychosexual brutality; this romantic horror tale contains graphic descriptions of sexual situations, rape, and torture- both physical and mental (at times coinciding). Reader discretion is advised. This book is solely for adults.
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- Chapter 1: Chapter one: I don’t want you to have the wrong idea about him
- Chapter 2: Chapter two: Easy to miss on purpose
- Chapter 3: Chapter three: Your life is about as imperfect as the people that inhabit it
- Chapter 4: Chapter four: I like a good scare
- Chapter 5: Chapter five: Especially if you can do it while feeling uncomfortable
- Chapter 6: Chapter six: Twist of lime
- Chapter 7: Chapter seven: The Ultimate Warlord
- Chapter 8: Chapter eight: That’s your grandma for Christ’s sake
- Chapter 9: Chapter nine: I’ll let you do whatever you want with me
- Chapter 10: Chapter ten: He was a force, like me, only weaker