Justice (Wounded Warriors #4) (AmourisaPress)

Clinging to the hope Dr. Daphne Wells can help his teammate and former lover, Malcolm kidnaps the doctor and brings her to Sanctuary. Once she realizes how the black ops group subverted her research, she is eager to help reverse the effects, if she can. While she studies the artificial intelligence systems, Malcolm and the rest of the team set about systematically destroying all traces of Project Shift and Project Enhanced. When they learn of a group of private investors starting their own version of Project Enhanced, they have a new enemy to destroy. It’s definitely the wrong time to have his jaguar insist the scientist is their mate. He can’t claim her while their lives are at risk—but is life worth living without her?

This is the fourth and final in the Wounded Warriors series. While I made every effort to have it read as a standalone, I highly recommend you read all the books in order to enhance the overall story arc.

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