Lace and Steel (sfmeeker)

Navigate a violent revolution as the Crown Princess of a decadent, dying empire… conceal your identity, court suitors both royal and common, and follow your heart into the battle you most believe in.

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I just played through the first episode and it’s a lot of fun! I love classic swashbuckling stories and musketeer style adventures. I’m excited to see where this story is going and the cliffhanger in the pilot falls at an excellent point. There are a few typos and one of the paragraph styles didn’t work (just showed up as code), which you might want to tweak to get it looking as sharp as possible. I’m excited to play through episodes 2+!

when will the new chapters be released?

the first chapter is really interesting !



The last episode was buggy. I tried one mission, but was sent on the other.


I encountered the same issue.

great story