Laid in Show (TuesdayMorrigan)

During one scintillating weekend, best friends River and Lark discover that there’s more to dog shows than ribbons and some of the best performances happen outside the ring. Lark Burk is horrified to find that she is going to go into heat the first day of her dog’s first big show. But she realises that there won’t be a single eligible bachelor at the show, every male there will be gay and immune to her pheromones, right? Knowing she cannot turn down the opportunity to showcase her dog, Marilyn Monroe Burton, she bets that she’ll be safer at the dog show than anywhere else in NYC during her time of heat.

River Stone has been friends with Lark since college and wouldn’t dare miss the chance to support his best friend and her pet at the Westminster Dog Show. The moment the two are reunited, there is no denying the sexual chemistry between them. The sparks are intense and oh so pleasurable.

But when her time of heat is over, Lark is left to wonder if there is something more between them.

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