Let Us Eat Cake (DestinyMoon)

Busy and cynical Rachel could not have expected to run into her old school crush at the grocery store, much less imagined what he has in mind for her. University undergrad Rachel Perkins has given up on dating. She’s busy with classes and a job. One night she goes out grocery shopping in the middle of the Michigan winter. At the store she runs into a guy with whom she had a brief romance in high school. It doesn’t take long for the old sparks to start flying again, and Rachel can’t decide what to do.

When she follows her heart to Jeff’s place, she learns that he seems quite different from her, particularly when it comes to desires—or is he? His revelation that he is into dominance both frightens and excites her. She has fantasized about being submissive under the right circumstances but never expected those circumstances to pan out. When Jeff offers her an opportunity to explore, she wants to take it.

However, when her own fears kick in, Rachel must grapple with her sexual identity. Does she have the power to give up control? Jeff is confident that he can give her what she needs, but that’s a tall order when she herself is unsure what that is.

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