Liberating Jane (KatherineEHunt)

A widow’s eyes open to a whole new way of loving when she moves to a gated community, but will one man be enough for her new-found appetite for life? When Jane, a wealthy young widow, complains of her sexual frustration in her online support group she gets a little more than she bargained for. Beverley, another widow, suggests that what Jane really needs is a change of scene and she knows just the place.

Within a month, Jane has sold her house in Florida and moved upstream to Winchester Drive, an expensive, gated community in Massachusetts. On the outside it looks like anywhere else, but this charming seaside community holds myriad secrets. With a mysterious sex club, a very helpful workforce and a new psychology professor who’s just moved in around the block, this place has more than enough men to help Jane move to the next phase of her grieving process.

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