Lights in the Mist (jessicabrezzo)

On the eve of your wedding, you’re transported into a magical realm full of beings ready to fulfill your every desire. Do you take advantage of your captivity?

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I just learned that i can leave comments on the books i read, and i must say that this was a delightful read lush with numerous characters bound to their own motives; worth checking out!


This is our Book Club selection for the week! This story is so fun, and is such a great escape as a fantasy title.

What did you all think of the first chapter? What are you most looking forward to seeing? I am, of course, most excited to maybe date some fairies LOL

Oh my god! Oh My god!! Oh My God!!!..It was a bit of an overreaction but I needed to say that three times, I love this story. It was the first novel I’ve read and it was the one that made me fall in love with the app. I love the attention to details, how the story integrated with the myths and lore of the fairies to create this masterpiece. It seems like a Dream vs Reality type of fiction…I guess? How the Faerie Realm is like a dream compared to reality is because the character doesn’t have any expectations given to her compared to the Real World where she have to marry and at some points, have children but she knows that they don’t really belong in the Faery Realm, that at some point they have to go back. I have replayed this novel multiple times just so I could get a different ending and what I love the most about this Fiction is that I didn’t need to use the diamonds since by picking the right decision I could still obtain a similar event without requiring diamonds. It was one of the best story in the app.

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I absolutely share the feelings of @saudade_tothepastme! The detailed plot, lore, history, and character development is perfect. This story does a great job of not forcing diamonds choices on us with alternate previous choice-based options too. :raised_hands:

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cant wait!

at first i thought this would be another cash grab then i started and i havent stopped

i can already sense the major plot twists coming >:)

It sounds so interesting

I really feel like your decisions matter in this story, they change the outcome in unexpected ways.

this is by far one of my favorite stories

It sounds interesting

I really enjoyed fhe world building but now i seriously need to replay for a happier ending

amazing. read one chapter and im already in love with the story

i looove the cover art sm

Lights mists!

i really need to replay for a happier ending… but this is honestly one of the best stories on this app!

Oh this eats