Little bear (youssef_elalaoui)

Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there was a little bear named Benny. Benny was a very curious bear, who loved to explore the woods and make new friends. One sunny day, as he was wandering around the forest, he came across a beautiful stream.

As he walked closer to the stream, he saw a fish swimming in the water. Benny was very hungry, so he thought to himself, “I bet that fish would be a great meal!” He tried to catch the fish with his paws, but it was too slippery and kept slipping away.

As Benny continued to try and catch the fish, he suddenly fell into the stream! The current was strong, and Benny was swept downstream. He tried to swim back to the shore, but he was getting tired, and the current was too strong for him.

Just as Benny was about to give up, a friendly beaver named Bobby appeared. Bobby saw Benny struggling and quickly swam over to him. “Hang on tight!” he said, “I’ll help you get to the shore.” And with that, Bobby guided Benny to the safety of the riverbank.

From that day on, Benny and Bobby became the best of friends. Benny learned that sometimes, it’s important to ask for help, and that friends can come in the most unexpected of places. And so, Benny and Bobby lived happily ever after, exploring the forest and making new friends along the way.

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