Little Red Driving Hood (tommcgee)

It’s Little Red Riding Hood meets Mad Max: Fury Road! You’re Red, a survivor in the wastes, and your grandmother is kidnapped by the Wolf Clan. It’s time to get behind the hood of your custom interceptor, rescue her and slay the biggest baddest wolf of the wasteland!

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What an excellent story! The humor is fantastic, I laughed out loud many times. And the wicked fighting and vehicular stunt scenes were all you’d ever wanted in an action-packed dystopian adventure. Damn, this was good! Thank you! This must have been originally written as a screenplay for a feature movie. I hope one day it’ll be one.

First chap and im intrested



Really good !

Very nice job! I enjoyed the video game feel of this. There were a few typos and whatnot, but overall, good job!

Loving it


love the style of this one! unique and captivating. and fun!!

I just love post-apocalyptic Mad Max/Fallout stories, don’t any of you? In fact, I think I’m going to tip the author one of my few gems

cool story

Fantastic and engaging storyline!!!

I can see the potencial

kinda like it

haven’t had any of the unfinished story games update a chapter or bs us impatient consumer’s. id love to finish ansa n the redcap or whatever

Get your ass to reading this story.



i like it