Love by the Stroke of Midnight (RavenMcAllan)

History, family, fate. Accept it or deny it at your will. The day you discover your boyfriend is using you as a free meal ticket—and a way to save his money—is the day you say bye-bye. Marcail Drummond does better than that. She sells up, plans the rest of her life and heads north.

It’s time to go home, to a castle on an island in a Scottish loch, and face up to the fact she’s not quite the same as the rest of her family. They can see the past—and the future—and hear others, heal the sick and help the broken-hearted. She can’t.

After all, talking to yourself isn’t the same thing, even if one of the voices in your head is male and argues a lot. As far as Marcail is concerned, it’s just her way of amusing herself.

To Paden, it’s more than that. To him, it’s a matter of life and death.

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