Love for a Devil (Sra.klemichak)

What would you do if you found a book that could summon the Prince of Darkness? Where your choices are may be a risk for you, you don’t know if your next step will be a trap, or if you will survive until the end.
Ana moves to the UK along with her best friend Sandra, to study at Queen’s University, Ana finds a mysterious book in the middle of days boxes, but Ana does not care much, by nightfall Ana notices a strange presence in her room, she notices that there is a man and beside him a cat, they introduce themselves as the owners of the book, after introducing themselves Zyan says that the book has chosen her, and with that she would have to take care of the book at all costs, since angels would be sent to destroy the book.
Ana is frightened by the things they both say, in days failed attempts to deliver the book, Ana realizes that her life is in danger.

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- Chapter 1: The Trip
- Chapter 2: The Mystery Book
- Chapter 3: The Unknown