Love's Sweet Defiance (CLR1177)

Princess Celestie longed for a heart freed from the terrible curse that had followed her since birth in the lavish halls of Azure Palace. Any touch from a suitor turned them into water, leaving her alone for all eternity.

The princess had no idea that deep in the shadowed cellar of the castle, a serrvant by the name of Damon labored diligently, his rough hands and soot-stained clothes belying a gentle spirit that reflected her own.

One fateful day, as Celestie wandered aimlessly through the palace, fate led her to Damon’s hidden abode. Intrigued by his humble demeanor, she cautiously approached but avoided touching him.

As the days passed, Celestie was drawn to Damon’s strength and unwavering loyalty. She would sneak away from her room to spend hours in his company, becoming closer to forgetting her curse.

Damon was unaware of the princess’s secret. The vast distance between their worlds appeared impossible to bridge. Until one moonlit night, when they stood in the shadowy embrace of the castle’s secret gardens, Celestie whispered the truth about her curse and that it could be broken under the moonlight.

Not aware of the outcome. Damon summoned all of his courage and gently took Celestie’s hand. To his surprise, he did not dissolve into water. Instead, the curse shattered into a thousand fragments, filling the air with a radiant light. And so the broken-hearted princess was finally whole, her love for the humble servant breaking the bonds that had held her back for so long.

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