Lovestruck (JanuaryBain)

What if Cupid’s arrow is real? What if Cupid’s arrow is real? When the ancient artifact is discovered by a newfound witch and lent to a friend for her Valentine’s Day display, all Hades breaks loose when it inadvertently falls into the wrong hands.

Magic is in the air as two polar-opposite people, small-town Emma Hurst and big-city man Stone Collins, are forced to deal with his over-the-top romantic gestures that threaten embarrassment at every turn. Being swept off her feet by a heartthrob is one thing, but having love forced on her by a spell is quite another, something Emma won’t stand for. Soon no one knows what’s real and what’s been caused by the tricky god of love.

Will Cupid win, or will cooler heads prevail? It’s going to take every last sprinkle of Valentine magic to sort out this kerfuffle…

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