Loving A werewolf (Shivaani)

This story is about a man, who lives in a village but hides in the nearby forest every full moon to transform into a ‘you-know-what’ But one night unexpectedly, he meets a were-woman and a little were-girl. They instantly get along, and when another villager figures out who he is, he tries to kill him. And when that doesn’t work, he will announce to the world that ‘Billy’ is a werewolf. What will Billy do now?

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- Chapter 1: “AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO” Came the sound of someone screaming from the nearby forest. The villagers often heard screams
- Chapter 2: As Billy transformed into the werewolf, he heard a noise. It was in the language of Garou Tounge. (The language that werewolves
- Chapter 3: After a while, the mother trusted him enough to let him near herself and the little girl. They talked and laughed together a lot
- Chapter 4: Billy tried to talk to the mother again, and ask her what was happening, but her eyes were full of tears and told him before he
- Chapter 5: When he got home to the village there was a guy from the village waiting for him at the edge of the first. He was the guy that s
- Chapter 6: He got up and marched out of the house, ignoring the man’s protest to get him to come back. He went home and lay on his bed, thi
- Chapter 7: Once he walked around the forest (through the edge, so no one would get suspicious) he walked to the were women’s house. He knoc