Loving Anna (AutumnBreeze)

Annabelle Johnson disappeared from Amy Kurt’s life one fateful evening. When Amy unexpectedly runs into her eleven years later, the old spark they used to share is still there - and so are all the secrets. Can Amy find a way of loving Anna that can withstand the truth?

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Is amy kurt a guy or a girl?

Ya thats what i wanna know is amy a girl or a boy but i think its a girl because it sounds more like a girl name

Loving Anna is LesFic. Amy is a girl. :slight_smile:

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What did you think of the opening chapter? Did it hook you?

I love an emotional reunion. Usually it takes more backstory for me to get invested, but Amy’s reaction to seeing Anna did a lot of that work for me I think.

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Pretty good story, not my favorite though.

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I’m very fond of reunions in book plots, and this one was a good one. The chapter did hook me because I want to find out what’s going on with Anna. The passage that touched me most was the one about them hugging as lovers, friends and sisters. I don’t know why but it affected me on the deepest level.


It’s well written, not my favorite genre tough.

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The plot is interesting. Let’s see how it’s ends.

i rlly like the storyline… but i hope it ends well :frowning:

Good chapter