Mafia Series: Taken By Vincenzo (Oyizamarvellous)

Freya Bred is forcefully taken by the Ferdinandos for the crime her brother, Olsen, had committed. After taking the life of Dento Ferdinando, Vincenzo’s cousin, Olsen had been on the run. But Vincenzo couldn’t take it any longer. He takes Freya into custody. He made life miserable for her, tortured her like the criminal she wasn’t. Freya hopes that her brother will finally give himself in, but will he?

A new phase of life came Freya’s way as Vincenzo made her his personal maid, claiming she would serve no man but him alone. Would this phase of life bring a new turn for Freya? Would fate intervene when all hopes seem to be lost? And with Kelly, Vincenzo’s girlfriend, involved, will Freya find refuge in the one who once made her life miserable?

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- Chapter 1: Taken
- Chapter 2: 48 Hours