Make It Til Morning (eyegnats)

Started and its pretty good so far

Actually pretty good





good yet a bit hard, makes a good Challenge


This is intense


So great

its intense but a great captivating story.

yeahhh I made it til the morning!

Good characters
Good plot twists

But the protagonists lost at the woods for 3,4 chapters? In a 10 chapter story. That shows that the writer run out of ideas and because the story would be too short he tried filling the empty parts.

oh myyyy

I love the twist in this story

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Good so far

Plot twist was messed up and heartbreaking I gotta say!! Really enjoyed the ride though, based on the ending leaving that open door for a possible sequel?!?!? I would LOVE a sequel!!! Although you gotta kinda wonder, concerning the content after the twist, how plausiable that kind of scenario would be. But im prepared to have it explained to me in a sequel!!! Lol hint hint. :slight_smile:

Can I choose to be a Pure Lesbian only or??