Make It Til Morning (eyegnats)

It was meant to be the ultimate double date in the mountains. You certainly didn’t plan on getting lost. Or having the ultimate storm carry away your tents. As you slowly make your way further from civilization, you know you’re being watched. If the elements don’t get you…will someone else?

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ive finished 2 books so far an love them

my character changed from brown/red hair to black. A bug?

Thanks for the heads up! Do you remember what chapter you were in? I’ll take a peek for bugs and put a conditional at the start of the next chapter so anyone affected can switch back to their original input.

Chose academics but the plot is intergrated with atrist. Chapter 1 lol its the first choice

I really like the first part of the story, but the plot twist was kinda meh. Anyway, the “night” part was fabulous!!


Im loving this!

it was a great read. i do kind of hate how it ended but it leaves it open for a second story

Thrilling story :heart::butterfly:

Im one of those people who never see a twist coming unless its in a movie. I really liked this story

Burn it down

Just finished episode 2 and lovinh it

Just starting, and I’m liking it so far

I love it but it seems like no matter what in chapter 6 it wants gems to continue… is it just me? No matter how many times i restart the chaper and choose something different.


Crazy! Must read!

I’ve replayed some chapters, but at one point no matter what i do, i seem to be left without life and have to buy gemd

Loved it! Definetly must read!

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Wow interesting