March '22: Around The World In 3,000 Words

Around The World In 3,000 Words is up and running! This is an ADVENTURE contest, which could be… well, anything, right? This prompt is pretty open - you could stick to world travel and international intrigue or go on some other adventure!

A roadtrip story would be SO cute & fun… now I’m dreaming :joy: Tell me all your plans and ideas!!

Here’s what I’m working on for the contest.
A daimona (more than a succubus but less than a god) traps a man in her web, but he escapes. Halfway around the world, she catches him but a love he scorned comes back from the dead to save him.


WHOA that sounds intense. Excited to check it out!

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We received ANOTHER record-breaking amount of entries for this month’s contest! :clap: Y’all are blowing me away. I can’t wait to read!