Master Thief (jameschristopherobeso)

You’re a shapeshifter and thief at the top of your game. After breaking out of jail with help from your paranormal crew, you’ve got your sights set on the ultimate goal - robbing Hades, the god of the underworld. But what will your plan be? Can you give the right assignments to the right crew members? And how long will it take the crew to figure out your ex-fiancee is involved?

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It was really good i love the fighting scenes also the stuff what you can say

Great story! I enjoy it tremendously. Episode 4 has a couple of kinks though - the player asset isn’t determined, so all characters talk on the same side :laughing: and something is off with the key decision. I approached Hades as a waitress but in the result it’s still the collar/sword description.

i finished the story it was nice

Key decisions were off for several chapters. It’s spelled “Rudder” not “Rutter” and when Hades dropped Adrian near the end you called him “Boxer.”


Great story!

enjoyed it

Love greek and norse mythology

They are always interesting

Good story, but a bit too straightforward.