Misericordia (Dee.lusion)

Surviving a plague, breaking a curse, feeding vampires, and unearthing your family secret were never on your agenda until you boarded the wrong vessel on your journey to join your brother on the mainland.
Unravel the mystery of Misericordia and let her take you on a romantic paranormal adventure!

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the first chapter is really cool !

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loving it so far, the writing and the gameplay is all very thoughtful! can’t wait to read more!

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thank you for giving this book a chance. More chapters are up, hope you enjoy them as much as the first chapter!

thank you so much, you’ve made my day! I’ll try my best to keep it up!

I love so far are you going to finish the book

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thanks for giving this book a chance. And yes, the book is finished, I only need more time for the editing :slight_smile:

More please

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Chapter 5 is up !