Moon Miner (kevanmanwaring)

The Earth is dying and you are humanity’s final hope. You are multi-skilled scientist, part of an international survey tasked with exploring Jupiter’s moons for signs of water and alien life. You must use the latest tech to explore the frozen surface and the subterranean oceans of Europa and her sisters. Who knows what you find, and dark secrets of your fellow crew will come to light in the claustrophobic setting of the survey vessels, where one small mistake can lead to catastrophe? If cabin fever wasn’t enough to contend with, you encounter increasing evidence of extra-solar life that is not only sentient but sinister in intent. It seems opposed to humanity’s relentless expansion, or does it? Can you translate the strange glyphs you discover, carved into the ancient lunar rock? Can you find the precious resources that will prevent humanity’s extinction? What wonders, mysteries, and dangers will you unearth?

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