My Obsessive Lecturer (anizzsuranizz)

Vega is Alberto’s ex. She is still infatuated with Alberto until she becomes a lecturer at Alberto’s campus. Vega tried to pursue Alberto’s love in various ways even though Alberto already had a girlfriend named Lorena. She asked Alberto on a date and one night stand. They did one night stand and soon Vega became pregnant.
At that time, Vega was asked by her parents about when she would get married because Vega’s age is the age that she should be married. Vega asked Alberto for a contract marriage. At first, Alberto refused because he didn’t want to do that. But after Vega offered a large amount of money, Alberto complied with Vega’s request because he was in need of the money for the campus tuition. Vega and Alberto did contract marriage.
At that time, Lorena tried to get Alberto’s love again in various ways, including asking Alberto to have an affair. What it will be next?
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