My Sister's Boyfriend (D.K.KNIGHT1)

Hanna introduces Max to her boyfriend, Will. He notices how hot he is and can’t help but enjoy the sights as he captures glances at his Jock appearance. Max has his secrets, like how he is gay, and never told his sister or family out of fear they would shun him. Things change and get more complicated as he falls for his sister’s boyfriend. Once the betrayal happens, everything spirals out of control and pretty soon, everything is out of hand as a dark threat emerges in the LGBTQ community. Will they be able to survive their own betrayals, revenge, forbidden sex, and lust while fighting to survive against the anti-LGBTQ group as they bring fear, hatred, and violence to the peaceful community? Dive into this dark erotica and join in the emotional situations that define some and bury others.

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