Nibiru Vampire Warriors: Chapter Eleven (DJManly-AJLlewellyn)

Stride has wiped Zero’s mind of all memories of him, but love is stronger than death. Zero starts to remember, their passion rekindling in spite of terror and threats. Stride might be in command of all the demonic forces in the world, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Like any ruler, he never knows who trust…even his own sex shifter wife. Stride and Zero, the man he truly loves, are reunited but it’s no picnic in the garden of Eden…only snakes and demonic forces hell-bent on destroying Stride.

Fearing his beloved son, Akakios, will have to endure the same miserable childhood Stride did—not to mention the control of deadly, evil forces—Stride and Zero once again wind up on the run. This time, they have help in the form of the fallen angel, étienne, to help protect their precious cargo. Realising that his own people want to take possession of Akakios, Stride must make decisions that could sacrifice his relationship with Zero…and his own life.

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