Night Match (smolghost)

You stumble upon a private dating app - just for the paranormal world. As the only human with access…you’re in high demand. Want to date hunky alphas, striking vampires, and smoking hot demons? Now you can.

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I love the chapter cant eait to read more

I’m obsessed with Brandon. I feel like I’m real life in love with him. Brb while I sob until the next chapter lol <3

All of the LL’s are so amazing T^T

This definitely felt like the choices mattered a lot! Look forward to reading more!

3 different choices. 3 totally different experiences-so cool! Do you have other stories?

how do I go back? i thaught i pucks the demon but aparwntly ricky is the vamp

cant wait for the new chapters. this one is fun

Waiting to see how this goes

this gave me goose bumps, this was very good

Starting this now! Sounds intriguing

it was really fun to play !

That’s fun




so good and fun to play


good so far