Night Match (smolghost)

You stumble upon a private dating app - just for the paranormal world. As the only human with access…you’re in high demand. As you navigate sizzling conversations with hunky alphas, striking vampires, and smoking hot demons - you’re building connections that can only lead to amazing experiences.

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I love the chapter cant eait to read more

I’m obsessed with Brandon. I feel like I’m real life in love with him. Brb while I sob until the next chapter lol <3

All of the LL’s are so amazing T^T

This definitely felt like the choices mattered a lot! Look forward to reading more!

3 different choices. 3 totally different experiences-so cool! Do you have other stories?

how do I go back? i thaught i pucks the demon but aparwntly ricky is the vamp

cant wait for the new chapters. this one is fun

Waiting to see how this goes