No Pants Ned and Diaper Dave in the Hunt for the Missing Trousers (DC_Roffe)

From the fractured minds at DC Roffe Books and Led Lee of Alex Lee and the Hippo Light Show fame comes an epic story about two brothers hunting for their missing pants.

Brothers, Ned and Dave, seem to always find trouble, but this time trouble found them. Hold tight to your britches, grab a tub of popcorn, and settle in as Led Lee weaves an engaging and humorous story about friendship, bullies, tenacity, teamwork, brotherly love, and finding one’s superpowers. Led is no stranger to an adventurous life and it is evident in every chapter of this extraordinary tale.
Our story begins the way all epic adventures begin; our heroes wake in a strange room in their underwear with a talking boar head hovering over them. The brothers begin their adventure here and it will take all their wits, teamwork, patience, and a little dose of unknown superpowers to help them escape this odd situation. Who would steal their pants? Why would they steal their pants? Is this some evil plan to do away with the annoyance of having to throw on a pair of pants over one’s undergarments?
“I don’t know about you, Dave, but I generally enjoy wearing pants,” Ned says looking down at his bare legs and skinned knees.
“I do too, but sometimes I do enjoy the freedom of running around in just my fitted diapers,” Dave replies as he continues to nervously suck on his oversized thumb.
The brothers know they need to come up with a plan to figure out how to defeat this evil and find their beloved pants. Well, at least Ned’s beloved pants. They will find themselves working as a team to defeat bullies, solve riddles, outwit elderly folk, escape beastly animals, and take on an evil foe that should only exist in the most twisted of minds.
Along the way, the brothers will find that they are a great team when they work together and find humor in every challenge and situation that they face. Through teamwork, they will also discover hidden talents and “superpowers” they never knew they possessed.
“What on earth is that smell?” Ned spewed out before sealing his nose shut with two fingers.
“Sorry, Ned, it’s a new superpower I am testing out,” Dave replied.
“Well, test it out inside the garbage container on the other side of that hill over there,” Ned squawked as he pulled his shirt up over his head.

This first installment in the No Pants Ned and Diaper Dave series will be sure to make you wonder what on earth was the author thinking. Is he mad? Does he always think like this? Is he always this brilliant, and humorous, and odd?