Oak Seer (craigcomer)

With heinous cults and unruly mobs all around, how will Effie prevent Scotland from falling into ruin?

Thrust into the public eye as the “Green Lady,” Effie of Glen Coe has become a living legend, the fey woman who saved Scotland from devastation. But can she do it again?

Determined more than ever to forge a peace between fey and humans, Effie finds herself navigating a realm increasingly divided.

The lords of London have other plans, and once again, Effie is pulled into a quagmire of politics and greed. She must stand against plots to remove her kind from the shores of the empire and madmen who murder fey without regard.

With violent thugs and unruly mobs all around, wits and courage are not enough. Effie must become something more than herself, an Oak Seer, a fey mantle long lost.

But can she survive long enough to claim it?

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