October Optimism (Laraine)

Are jolly people cheerful? Is it easy for others to see how optimistic they are? Does it take effort to see this optimism? Are happy people both on cloud nine and joyful? Are they both feeling good about the future and hopeful? Are they optimistic about events in the future? Do they think good things are probably going to happen? When they believe good things will happen, do they know it is true? Is something true a fact? Are facts real? Do people perceive things with their eyes? When these people perceive things with their eyes, do they become aware of them? When these people become aware of these things, are they alert to them? Do confident people have unshakeable beliefs? Are these unshakeable beliefs of these people on the subject of noble squashes? Are they individuals that people describe? When people talk about other people, do they talk about the qualities of these other people? Are qualities characteristics? Is the future the time that is to come? Are events important happenings? Are these events get-togethers? Are these events get-togethers at which people meet to celebrate the last night of October? Are these celebrations valuable? Do people tell jokes on special occasions? Do they have others shaking with laughter from these jokes? Is caramel a candy of both cream/butter and sugar? Do we heat them until they are brown? Are apples round fruits from trees?

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