Ouija (alexshelby)

When you discover your Ouija board possesses true paranormal powers, can you use it to catch the Zodiac Killer before he strikes again!?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/GUQUEW6OMpb

Excellent story! I’m a huge fan of Shelby and love all the stories I’ve read so far from him. Can’t wait to read the grand finale!!

i like it

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A Poignant juxtaposition of neoclassicism and antiquity. :slight_smile:

me too

I know I shouldn’t read scary stuff, it freaks me out way too much why oh why do I do it anyway??

Phew what a ride! Have loved all of your stories so far! Great work!

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Such a wonderful read

such a wonderful and twisted story i love this one


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Sorry, afraid not.

All my stories have an option to avoid intimacy (i.e. be single). But I have helped finish several stories with a lesbian option: Poster Girl, Mirror Mirror, and Heir to the Throne.

This is a very interesting story!

Just started but love the story so far. Suitibly spooky

Just finshed it! I was not expecting that conspiracy, but it made so much sense! Too much motivation.

Thank you for the thoughtful comment :heart:

Honestly your stories are great…

Thank you! :heart: I love hearing that!
If you haven’t finished Ouija yet, I hope you enjoy the ending.