Our Last Year (theryanlaplante)

When your very last year at Golden Hills High is interrupted by disastrous news, you start to believe being cast as Juliet in the graduating play will be the perfect swan song. But when the school’s ultimate bad boy is assigned the part of Romeo…it suddenly gets harder to stay on the straight and narrow.

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/whxpCgaCNob

Little basic but i like where its going

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yeah Devon really smitten about Sarah tbh btw if anyone say the full "Scoring with the team"let me know pretty boring with only 2 chapters hope they add more but overall this ones pretty im About to be onnchapter 5 just finished chapter 4 so anyone who finished this one let me know any spoilers!!!

Oops i rannout of keys sooooooo ill message when i have more

typical plot but i hope it’ll get betterrrrr!!!