Outlaws (loniklara)

The moment you were named Empress, your sister Penelope betrayed you and you were forced to flee. Leaving the castle, you take to the streets and join the only group that will still have you: criminals. Creating alliances among the shadows you prepare to take back the throne. But can your newfound allies be trusted when Penelope will give them anything to betray you?

Play on Mobile: https://link.talescreator.com/v76Yy2fE1kb

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This game is really fun! I greatly enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to seeing where the intrigue takes me. A few quick suggestions: when you’re making a scene change, if you add a (wipe) above the scene banner it’ll clear the previous scene away for your players and make the transition more dramatic. Also, if you’ve got characters changing outfits you can do that in the Tales Creator character creator! But super great work all around! Congrats!


Im hooked so awesome please tell me you will finish and new chapters are coming asap