Owned By The Mafia Boss [Volume I] (Author_Lexi)

[Volume 1]
His dark eyes stared into mine with no emotions at all.
“Shut up!”

I flinched and let out a shuddered breath. He came closer and took a hold of my neck as if trying to choke me or something. I stared at him and breathed heavily.
“Just shut up.”

I looked down and closed my eyes.
“I own you.”
His words resounded in the room. They were like torture to me and I couldn’t escape.
I was trapped with him and there was no way out.

Join me on the roller coaster ride of love and hate, following Xavier Valencian — a handsome, yet devilish mafia boss and his new interest — Scarlett Walker. What happens when Scar’s dad sells her to the mafia boss for three million dollars? Can she buy her back & save her life, or will she be always a prisoner to his little tricks? What happens when Max Rodriguez, another billionaire, and Scarlet’s ex enters her life again?

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We will we will rock you

nice story

short episodes…not worth the keys





sucks dont have images but interesting read even though each chapter is short


Love this


very entertaining