Owned By The Mafia Boss [Volume II] (Author_Lexi)

[Volume II: please read Volume I first]

I stood in front of Max with a terrified look on my face. He stared back at me with a merciless expression and blank eyes.

“Max,” I whispered. “This isn’t right.”
“Oh, I know,” He took a few steps toward me. “Right things are never fun.”

“This is fun to you?” I scoffed. “Tell me, Max. How does a person change so much?”

“People never change, Scar,” He finally reached close to me and traced my face with his finger while I tried to look away, “Others just don’t see their reality until it’s too late.”
I closed my eyes as I waited for this to be over.

Scarlet Walker was now trapped with Max Rodriguez in a horrifying loop. She couldn’t escape — that would reveal the truth, she couldn’t stay, oh no, that wasn’t what she wanted in any life and she definitely couldn’t kill him — no matter how much she wanted to.

The mutual hate between them was ironic to the love they displayed in front of everyone but she knew it was only until he returned.
Xavier Valencian — the man she never thought would be her savior.

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