Paranormal Passion (tommcgee)

As a small business owner in a big city - life can be stressful enough. Throw in the fact that you’re a new witch hurtling towards your own prophecy at 25 years old - and it’s a lot to handle. You run your city’s top (make that only) paranormal bar. Sheltered in the shadows of neon lights and dark alleyways, you provide a refuge for those demons, werewolves, vampires and other paranormal beings afraid to show their true selves elsewhere. And you’re damn proud of it too. When supernaturals start disappearing in your neighborhood, you know you have to step up and find out what’s going on. But you can’t do it alone. Thankfully, two faces from your past come back to town ready to help - your spiteful ex and your childhood best friend. As you partner together, you realize these two have their own secrets that may pose risks - both to the city’s future…but also your growing affections.