Passionate Vengeance (ElizabethLapthorne)

After being rescued by new Agent Lucas Sloan, Abby seeks answers—and vengeance—for the unsanctioned medical testings performed upon her illegally. Abigail Turner woke up from a nightmare only to find herself living in one. Discovering she had been unknowingly injected with an untested vaccine, then exposed to various diseases, she was the only living subject of a horrid trial. Rescued by a handsome hero, she struggles to come to terms with the depth of depravity she’s been exposed to.

Lucas Sloane had felt the sensual pull of Abby since he’d first seen her photo. The woman and her situation had crawled deeply under his skin and he craved providing the strength that would help her get through her nightmares. Fiercely proud when she insists she help him with his mission to catch a multiple murderer, he swears to help her every step of the way.

Burning desire explodes between them and soon they are intimately connected. Racing against time to save even more people from the same disaster Abby had faced alone, they work together to hunt down the man responsible. Lucas knows that a part of Abigail just wants passionate vengeance, but how can he say no to her when she holds not only his heart, but also his soul?

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