Perfect on Paper (DestinyMoon)

When Nadine loses it all, she must rebuild her life. But maybe she no longer wants what she used to have. Nadine Baxter pieces her life back together after losing her job, her fiancé and her grandfather—all at once. She goes back to her university job working at the bookstore where she meets David, a young guy with a huge crush on her. While Nadine is flattered, she’s also well aware that she’s in a different stage of life and, more than a relationship, she wants to launch a business doing furniture restoration like her grandfather.

When David’s persistence earns him a date, Nadine is surprised by how much she likes him. His maturity and attentiveness impress her and she begins to consider the idea of being with him. Just when her life is finally looking up, her ex-fiancé Allan reappears. He wants her back and he still has power over her. As much as she wants to deny it, he really is perfect for her on paper. Everyone wants them to be together, including both their families.

With the help of an eccentric elderly lady, a couple of dogs and a long lost gift from her grandfather, Nadine must figure out whether real love has anything to do with what is perfect on paper.

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