Playing With Fire (laurajspooner878)

When your condo building bursts into flames, you’re not expecting the dashing fireman who saves you to be your ex’s smoking hot best friend. Forced to stay at the fire station while your home is rebuilt, you try to keep your distance… but for how long?

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I wonder what brooks did

Okay i need more chapters.

great beginning

not bad

So excited to read this

good so far

i NEED this to be finished!!


More chapters?

Noooo you cant do this to mee​:sob::sob: you monsterr

Tremendous writing skills. Kudos to the author.

Dying for new chapters!

this is just so great

I’m adding this book on my bookshelf

ok… so I read first chapter and I’ve got a theory… but won’t write it now:)

it was fast…

do we know when new chapters are coming?


is this app updating or not?